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Alpine Ice Rinks Hockey Puck Sharpener

Introducing the Alpine Ice Rinks Hockey Puck Sharpener!

After only 1 or 2 hours of skating on freshly sharpened skates, the new edge starts to dull to a point where most experienced skaters can feel the difference. There are numerous skate sharpening devices on the market. They come in many shapes and sizes and are designed for different uses. The Alpine Ice, Hockey Puck Sharpener is not intended to replace power grinding wheel sharpening. It is intended to keep the edges sharp longer for those skaters who like the feel of just sharpened skates. One or 2 passes over your blades with light pressure will bring back that just sharpened feel. If you don’t like your skates too sharp, just skate a few more hours on them before using the sharpener.

Here is an example of how to use the Alpine Ice Hockey Puck Sharpener:

If you play 2 games and skate 3 additional hours per week and normally go 2 weeks between power sharpening. If you use the Hockey Puck Sharpener after 1.5 to 2 weeks, they are good for another week. You can usually use it again and they are good for another week. After this it’s time to take them in for a grind.

As you can see, depending on how often you get your skates sharpened, the Alpine Ice Rinks, Hockey Puck Sharpener will pay for itself in only a few months, maybe even weeks.

Be careful! If you apply too much pressure while pulling the Hockey Puck Sharpener across your skates, it can make them very sharp. They can easily end up much sharper than you want. So please go easy until you get the feel that is right for you.

Don't Lose Your Edge!



My figure skating coach says that sharpeners like this are only for hockey skates and they will ruin my figure skates. Can it really hurt my figure skates?

Absolutely not! The Hockey Puck Sharpener is designed to burnish/polish the edges of your blade. The difference between a good sharp edge and one that you can feel slip is thinner than a human hair. The Hockey Puck Sharpener polishes the edges back to that just sharpened feel. For more info, go to the technical Info Section to see just how little material is removed.

Do I have to draw the Hockey Puck Sharpener from toe to heel?

No, it does not matter which way you pull it across your skate, just remember not to apply too much pressure until you get the feel that is right for you.

How long will the Hockey Puck Sharpener last?

If you follow the instructions, the ceramic should last for many, many years on carbon steel or stainless steel blades. We have had a few customers use it on T-blades and it also works well, but you have to take it easy. If you push too hard, they will be too sharp and with T-blades this is not easy to fix.

Does the Hockey Puck Sharpener change my Radius of Hollow?

No, it sharpens your skates by removing metal on the sides of your blade. See the technical Info section to determine exactly what happens to your skate blade.

Can I use the Hockey Puck Sharpener on Figure skates?

Absolutely! In fact some figure skaters find that they like their skates sharper for dance routines than they do for their Free Skate and Short Programs. The Hockey Puck Sharpener is a great way to give your skates that extra bite in the middle of a competition. Now available in several colours!

Can your product be used with goalie skates?

Yes, however most goalies I know say they like relatively dull skates. A very good friend of mine played goal at a Division 1. He likes the front 1/4 and back 1/4 sharp and the centre half dull. This way he can get a good push with his toe or heel to get across the net but can still slide side to side on the centre. As you can guess the Hockey Puck Sharpener is perfect for doing this. If you get your skates sharpened the whole blade will end up sharp. I told some of the goalies in my league about this. They have tried it and like the feel.


Technical Info

Alpine ice rinks Hockey Puck Sharpener 

Available from all good Skate Shops!

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