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Ice Rink hire

Festive Winter wonderland "real" ice rinks

WH Leisure Limited is committed to providing first class Winter & Festive ice rinks and has a Turnkey solution to suit any budget.

The benefits of our technology are clear:

·         Very short assembly and dismantling times

·         Rapid ice formation

·         Proven quality

·         Extremely low energy consumption

·         Environmentally friendly

·         Good quality ice

The roll out polyethylene tubes makes the rink cooling floor, a revolution in the world of ice rinks. The system comprises several hundred small tubes through which a refrigerant is pumped. The liquid is cooled by refrigeration plant to sub-zero temperatures. Water that comes into contact with the polyethylene tubes and the floor system freezes, creating a layer of ice.


20 x 10 meter 200 square meters rink package – 70 skaters at any one time

15 x 30 meter 450 square meters rink package – 150 skaters at any one time


Call us now to book this years  “Real” festive ice rink in your town………

Skating Aids

Polar Bear Skating Aids

They have been designed to help young children gain confidence on the ice. Stable and safe, they encourage a correct skating stance which has won the approval of skating teachers & coaches. Besides helping children learn to skate they are simply good fun and have been designed as a friendly character.


Latest News

CBBC Filming

The BBC once again chose Alpine Ice Rinks to provide a small ice pad for CBBC show Marrying Mum & Dad.  More »

BBC One Show

BBC Choose Alpine ice rinks to provide a Curling rink to demonstrate the sport prior to the winter Olympics at slochi.  More »


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