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Sport Ice Resurfacer

Sport Ice 124E

The Sport Ice 124E is a battery powered ice resurfacer designed for the smaller rink or for a rink that resurfaces only a few times each day.

Even though a 5000 square foot (464 square meters) rink is the ideal size for the 124E, a larger rink with fewer resurfacing can effectively utilize a 124E.

With its high tech electric drive system perfect for indoor rink use, the 124E delivers the same performance as its bigger battery cousin the 224E, just with a little less range on the battery charge.

The Sport Ice 124 machine is powered by Trojan T145 batteries. This battery is used in most golf cart applications around the world and there are Trojan battery dealers worldwide. The use and selection of a battery that is proven and available around the world allows for easy battery service and replacement for years to come.

Sport Ice 124E

Sport Ice 224E Resurfacer

The Sport Ice 224E machine is designed for the larger or busier rink surface (ideal size 8000 sq. feet or 743 sq. meters; suggested maximum rink size 10,000 sq. feet, 929 sq. meters).

First designed and introduced at the Robson Square ice rink, located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, the 224E proved itself during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, when public skating demand averaged 300 to 400 skaters at a time on the 7500 sq. foot rink.

The Sport Ice 224E features a larger battery package, using Trojan L16P-AC batteries. It is supplied with two battery chargers, with up to 80 amperes of charging so that the rink can “fast-charge” as needed throughout the day.While perfect for indoor rinks, the 224E has seen very successful use on outdoor rinks as well, with rinks and skaters all benefiting from the “green” technology of a battery powered ice resurfacer.

Sport ice 224E

Sport Ice 124G Resurfacer

The Sport Ice 124G machine is designed for use on outdoor rinks. Powered by a reliable, Honda V-Twin engine with electric start, engine oil cooler and a hydrostatic drive system, the 124G has the power to perform all day and night.

The 124G has been very popular on the larger outdoor rinks.

Sport ice

 Resurfacing Systems

The Sport Ice machines have been designed to allow the rink operator to resurface the ice just like a full-sized machine.

These resurfacing operations include:

  • Shaving the ice
  • Collecting the shavings and transporting them via the auger system into the dump tank for later disposal
  • Laying water that will freeze to become the “new” ice surface.

Sport Ice ResurfacerThe horizontal auger has single flighting for most of its length but in the important snow transfer area (where the horizontal auger throws the snow into the intake chute of the vertical auger) – the auger has double flighting to allow for improved transfer resulting in very little residual snow left over.








Down Pressure Springs

The blade bar has down pressure springs which create a stable and secure shaving platform. These down pressure springs eliminate blade chatter.

Sport ice

Blade Leveling System

The shaving blade is easily leveled with the conditioner runners via the adjustment screws.

Sport ice

Lift Bar Down Pressure

The conditioner becomes a very stable work platform via the down pressure transferred from the machine to the conditioner via the lift bar.

One unique feature of the lift bar is that the down pressure is adjustable via the lift bar cylinder clevis.

This allows for adjustment to improve the machine’s down pressure as the machine ages – a feature most full sized machines do not have.

 Sport ice

Side Conditioner Plastic


Both sides of the conditioner have a side mounted plastic strip as standard equipment. This wear strip protects the dasher boards and the conditioner. On most full-sized machines, this wear strip is an added- cost option.

Sport ice

Skate Stability Aid

Polar Bear Skate Stability Aid

They have been designed to help young children gain confidence on the ice. Stable and safe, they encourage a correct skating stance which has won the approval of skating teachers & coaches. Besides helping children learn to skate they are simply good fun and have been designed as a friendly character. Many of our customers hire out their bears during public skating sessions which mean they can recover their investment within a short period of time. They are also good company for the popular Penguin Skate Stability Aid.


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