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Pre-Owned Rinks & Equipment


This is an excellent quality rink manufactured in Germany to exacting standards it is 12 months old and has had very little use. Its overall condition is excellent and its superior barrier system puts these rinks far above any systems available from UK manufacturers. It is offered for sale at £25k


  • Ice-y-blue 700 Okulen/Noiceone ice skating floor panels 144 square meter
  • Ultimate barrier system to suit
  • Rink size 16 x 9 meter (suitable for 50 skaters at any one time)

New items to package if required offered at £5k

  • 70 x Roxa Hockey skates
  • 4 x Skate change benches
  • 1 x SSMII Skate sharpener
  • 2 x Polar bear skate aids


 Secondhand Synthetic Ice Rink


SSM II Skate Sharpener – Pre owned £1000 + VAT

Secondhand Ice Skate Sharpener SSM II


With the portable skate sharpening machine SSM-2 you can sharpen both flat and hollow with high precision while preserving the skate blade profile. This skate sharpener has been developed and improved during the last 40 years. It is of a very high quality and the reliability is great.

SSM-2 is a manual skate sharpening machine with a stable construction. It is both fast and easy to use.

By using a guide arm holding the skate blade, and a blade support roller just in front of the grinding wheel, the SSM-2 will position a hollow precisely. This is so even if the blade is not completely straight. Furthermore there is no possibility that the hollow will be formed diagonally across the blade.


Prosharp AS1001 Skate Sharpening machine – Pre Owned £2000 + VAT

Secondhand Prosharp AS1001 Ice Skate Sharpener


The PROSHARP AS1001 achieves uniformly high-quality grinding results with automated grinding cycles, constant pressure and even feed speed. Fully serviced machine! A new Machine costs over £5k! We have 4 fully reconditioned machines available!

After fixing the boot in a clamping device, the whole clamping device moves automatically backwards and forwards over the grinding wheel at an even speed. With the new PROSHARP AS1001 anything is possible - from surface grinding up to a 6 millimetre radius.

Key Features:

• Fast adjustable hollow. Flat to 1/4 inch.
• Quick pressure and speed adjustment.
• Quick self-cantering blade guide.
• Quick set Standard Blade Profiles.
• Same, consistently sharp edges.
• Simple set up & uncomplicated operation.
• Energy efficient, low maintenance.

Key Benefits:

• Can meet all ranges of customized hollows.
• Allows greater customizations while ensuring consistent toe to heel sharpening.
• Quickly and perfectly align skates with hand lever.
• Fast simple blade profiling templates ensures precise shaping without the need to cross cut blade.
• Automated process ensures consistent results every time.
• All adjustments can be made quickly and easily thus reducing machine downtime.
• Designed to minimize cost and maximize operational uptime. Requires very little space to set up and operate.


You can also find a selection of pre owned ice rink equipment at:

Skate Aids

Polar Bear Skate Aids

They have been designed to help young children gain confidence on the ice. Stable and safe, they encourage a correct skating stance which has won the approval of skating teachers & coaches. Besides helping children learn to skate they are simply good fun and have been designed as a friendly character. Many of our customers hire out their bears during public skating sessions which mean they can recover their investment within a short period of time. They are also good company for the popular Penguin Skate Stability Aid.


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